shabu shabu

clara likes to eat same thing as rest of the family, so sometimes we make shabu shabu so we can all enjoy them together.  the only problem is that there isn’t enough fat unless she finishes the sasame oil sauce.  So sometimes we have to give her ice cream or chocolate pudding afterwards.  I am not giving exact recipe here, just an idea, since you can get creative with this.

for soup base, boil water with bonito flakes(can be found in japanese or korean store), soy sauce, salt to taste. strain out the bonito flakes to get clear soup.

you can use any ingerients you want.  these are the ones i usually use…
mushroom (enoki, shitake, button)
napa cabbage
beef (shabu shabu cut, can be found in japanese or korean store)

as you boil the soup base on tabletop stove, put ingredients for 1-2 minutes before eating.

dipping sauce for clara:
-sesame oil mixed with salt and ground pepper
-reduced sugar ketchup mixed with mayonnaise
-little bit of soy sauce mixed with sesame oil and few spoons of soup base







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