pizza bites

since clara’s new school is nut-free, i was trying to find things to pack for lunch.  since she really likes pizza, i just made it into mini pizza bites.   it was a hit.  she ate all of them even before i had a chance to pack into her lunch bag, so i had to make more… then she had them again for dinner…


4  tortilla circles 2.5in diameter (Mission whole wheat carb balance-smaller size makes 4)

1-2T  olive oil

4t  pizza sauce (Cucina Antica 2T has less than 1g of carb)

4t  mozzarella cheese

1/4t  herbes of provence


coat the tortilla circles with olive oil

put it inside the mini muffin pan

spoon in 1t of tomato sauce to each

top each with 1t of mozzarella cheese

sprinkle a pinch of herbes de Provence

Bake at 350F for 7-8 minutes

Let it cool in the pan


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