happy st.patrick’s day!

sugar-free green jello treats for the class… INGREDIENTS For green jello 1/2C boiling water 1/2C ice cold water 10g green (lime) sugar-free jello mix For white 3T (45g) cream, heated 3T (45g) cold cream 3/8 envelope (2.7g) gelatin 1/2t (2.2g) … Continue reading


blueberry crumble

Ingredients filling 28g blueberries 1/2t (2.5g) unsalted butter, softened 1/4t (1.1g) truvia pinch of xanthan gum 1/8t (2g)vanilla flavor alcohol-free topping 1T (6g) sliced almond, unsalted & dry roasted, roughly cut into pieces 1/2T (3g) coconut flakes 1/2t (2.2g) Truvia … Continue reading