cream of broccoli soup



1T butter

1/8 (15g) small onion, chopped

1/6 (8g) celery stalk, chopped

5-6 (45g) broccoli pieces

1cup chicken stock

2T (30g) heavy cream

salt and fresh ground pepper to taste



melt butter in a pan.  sautee onion and celery until tender.  add broccoli and chicken stock.  cover and cook for 10 minutes.  add heavy cream and transfer everything to a blender and blend until smooth.  season to taste.



Ratio 3.95:1

Total Carb for the recipe 4g




One thought on “cream of broccoli soup

  1. I love,love your blog! I wish I would have fed my kids like this growing up, but there was not much info at the time. Thankfully, one day when I become a grandma I know they will. My daughter and son in law eat this way. 😉

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