fruit loops

i make these fruit loops before going on a family trip.  most hotel breakfast will have cereals as an option for breakfast and my older daughter always picks fruit loops, and that used to make clara really sad… but now, clara can have her own fruit loops on vacations.  it is tedious to make these little circles, but it is worth the time and effort to see the big smile on clara’s face.  this also can be used for some fun activities such as making fruit loop necklace using a string or sliding them through a kebob sticks with some berries.


4T almond flour

1T Splenda

pinch salt

pinch baking soda

3/4T butter room temperature (softened, not melted)

1/6 egg white

1/8t vanilla extract (Frontier alcohol-free)

1/2T DaVinci sugar free Vanilla Syrup  (if not available, you can skip this and add 1/8t more of vanilla extract)

for coloring & flavor: pinch of green sugar free jello mix and crystal light juice mix in different flavors & colors

mix the dry ingredients together.  mix in the wet ingredients.  divide the batter into 3-4 portions depending on the number of colors you have prepared.  mix in the jello/crystal light.  pour the batter into pastry bag with a small tip (about 1/4in).  on baking sheet lined with parchment paper, squeeze out the batter into small circles.

bake at 320 for 3-4 minutes (make sure not to over bake since it will change the color).  let them cool before putting them into a container

Ratio approximately 2.5:1

**Please read Disclaimer before trying this recipe**
originally posted on march 23, 2012

5 thoughts on “fruit loops

  1. Tiffany,
    I tried making this at home, it just all melted together. Do I need to whip the egg white to a stiff first?
    Are they crispy like the fruit loop cereal? My son would love this, I want to surprise him with these.

    Thank you

    • Hi Kim,
      I wonder what happened. It should hold the shape pretty well. was the butter just softened at room temperature? i didn’t whip the egg white first since it is only 1/6 of an egg, just to hold everything together, but i guess you can try it.
      the texture is more like a french macaron texture rather than crispy…

  2. The fact that you would go to so much trouble for your child is a real inspiration. Incredible. I’m browsing your recipes for low-carb ideas and you really blow me away. Kudos to you. The girls are lucky to have a mom like you.

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