easter gummy treats

clara’s preschool class had an easter egg hunt, so i made these gummy treats to fill plastic eggs and later switched them out for her.


1t (3.5g) Sugar free jello mix flavor 1

1t (3.5g) Sugar free jello mix flavor 2

1 (7g) pack of unflavored gelatin

6T boiling water


divide the gelatin in two small bowls (3.5g ea).  add the jello mix in each bowl.  add 3T boiling water to each bowl and mix well.  using a spoon with pouring tip, pour into candy molds.  refrigerate until firm.

if you don’t have a candy mold available, you can pour into a small container and after refrigerating, cut out into fun shapes using small cookie cutter or simply cut them into thin strips to make gummy worms.

**Please read Disclaimer before trying this recipe**
originally posted on april 7, 2012

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