red, white, and blue jello

I found some pictures of fun jello ideas for fourth of july online.  Here’s the keto version i tried…



For blue jello
2T boiling water
2T ice cold water
1/4 envelope (1.8g) gelatin
1 drop of blue food coloring
few drops of preferred flavor (i used Bickford blueberry flavor)
1t (2.2g) Truvia

For red jello
2T boiling water

2T ice cold water
2.5g red sugar-free jello mix (i used strawberry banana)
For white
3T (45g) cream, heated
3T (45g) cold cream
3/8 envelope (2.7g) gelatin
1/2t (2.2g) Truvia
1/4t (2g) vanilla flavor, alcohol-free

I have used silicon mini cupcake pan so it will be easier to pop out the jello.


For each color, prepare by dissolving all the ingredients in hot water (cold cream), then add the cold water (cold cream).

spray mini muffin pan lightly with cooking spray and wipe it clean with a paper towel.  this will allow the jello to pop out easier.

spoon in 1/2 teaspoon of blue gelatin mixture into the cavities of prepared muffin pan.  refrigerate until set but still sticky on top.  repeat with other colors in the order of white, red, white, blue, white, red.  it is important to pour the next color when it is sticky to prevent the layers from separating.  each layer takes 2-4 minutes.  check frequently.

when the last layer is done, wait until the top is firm (maybe another 30 minutes), pop out each jello and store them in air tight container in refrigerator.  i find it easier to remove without damaging the shape when i remove it at this time than to wait until everything is completely set.


Approximate Ratio 3:1
Makes 12 mini jello (Calories per jello 30, carbs per jello 0.28)
Another way to enjoy this is to set it in a small glass cup.  Don’t forget to use the cooking spray and wipe it off…






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