zucchini flatbread

 1  tortilla (Mission whole wheat carb balance-smaller size)

2T (28g)  olive oil

40g zucchini thinly sliced

2T  mozzarella cheese

1/4t  herbes of provence

1/2T olives

put tortilla on pizza pan lined with parchment paper (for easy cleaning).  spread 1T olive oil all over the tortilla.   bake at 320 for 6 minutes.

take out of oven and add zucchini slices.  drizzle 1T olive oil on top of zucchinis.  spread mozzarella cheese.  sprinkle herb.  add olives. bake at 320 for 4-6 minutes.

**Please read Disclaimer before trying this recipe**
originally posted on april 12, 2012

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