fun craft idea for the holidays…

ellen and clara love making gingerbread houses every year right before christmas.  when clara started the diet, the first year, we did not make one, but last year, i found a gingerbread house kit that doesn’t use real candies.

yesterday, i went to ikea, and they had a light-up paper gingerbread house on sale.  i bought white ones so the girls can decorate them.  they spent an hour decorating, and still decorating even as i write this.  they are using some candy shaped stickers and markers to decorate the house.  clara even put little toys inside.  =)



2 thoughts on “fun craft idea for the holidays…

  1. Tiffany,
    I have a mini keto gingerbread house ready to post this week! The recipe is even a 2:1 ratio… it uses the buttercream frosting to hold it together. Maybe clara will like it!

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