whoopie pie


for soft cookies

i have used the coconut chocolate cake here in the picture since i was making them for school, but you can also use the almond chocolate cake, which i assume will taste much better.  I was in a hurry, so these didn’t turn out as pretty as i had hoped, but oh well =)

bake the soft cookie by pouring the batter into regular size cupcake pan.  I have used half batch of coconut chocolate cake, and was able to make 6 soft cookies.  bake for 8-10 minutes only.

cool them on wire rack.

for filling

2T butter, softened at room temperature

1T Walden Farms calorie free Marshmallow Dip

1/2t Truvia

1/4t Vanilla flavor, Frontier alcohol-free

whip all the ingredients together and spread them on three of the cookies.  cover with remaining three.



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